Shaving like I mean it.

Shaving like I mean it.
Shaving with Meaning

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Where I Am.

 I won't leave someone wondering
Because I'll say and stand where I stand
To leave no doubt.
I do not speak my mind to make one question my sanity,
I speak it to show I am sane. 
I think and I think and I think 
and there is no question at the end sometimes for me
Because the answer has shown itself true.
Like a giant spotlight of Reason
Poured on the bullshit and rhetoric,
Leaving the truth in stark clarity
Naked for anyone with open eyes to see.
I can only be naive for so long,
Laying hope out to be trampled on,
After that I become a warrior and not the one to be pissed upon.
- Melanie Davis 09 / 30 / 2014

Thursday, September 18, 2014

I saw you tonight
Dancing on the grass
You enjoying the music
With every blessed inch of your being
I rejoiced to see it
My heart was full to see your arms stretched or swinging in time to the music
To see you spin or twirl
To jump to sway 
I enjoyed the smile upon your face
The smile that came out of you 
Not in response to another
But because it manifested
beautifully there
My gratitude to you for the earthly gift
Of watching you dance
The worries of the world away
For just the time that the songs were sung
I watched you dance and my soul felt it with you
I honor your energy
You offering to the world
In the moments of delight
These are the moments I love
As I walk this path
To watch you take the time to dance on yours

By Melanie Davis  8/28/14