Shaving like I mean it.

Shaving like I mean it.
Shaving with Meaning

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I be in the soft unfocused places
I be in the spaces that cannot be defined
I reside within and without
In time and in rhythm as a lung might do
Liquid like membrane
Fluid like breath
Essential as surface tension
A skein aweaving in tenebrous design
I weft, wax, wane, swell, diminish, open and close...
Samewise I transport and transpose
Carried by stray thought, careless purpose, curious solemnity and well placed by fates as the stride of all must do...
I be in my wyrd...

- Melanie Davis

Friday, March 10, 2017

I am your sister in arms
Arms that love hooked together
I am your sister in song
Song that raises our collective voices
I am your sister in dance
Dancing when our joy is the rhythm
I am your sister in waking
Waking with you in love and in truth
I am your sister in weeping
Weeping together when we must
I am your sister in grieving
Grief that is shared is best and overcome
I am your sister in humanity
Humanity that we can choose to extend
I am your sister eternal
Eternal for our energy shifts but does not end
I am your sister in healing
Healing with you
I am your sister
Your sister
Sister and friend

Melanie Davis March 10th, 2017
Maybe it is the lack of sleep but I swear
I can feel you reaching out to me
Laying your light upon my skin.
Is this love they tell about in song?
A breaking in the storms we endure.
What a fineness it is!
It plays in perfection where the gentle caress is needed.
Savouring your time with me,
Warming me in the best of ways.
Oh rays of light from my window I adore your presence.
Give you I do my best affection and deep appreciation.

Melanie Davis 3/10/2017

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Oh the vices we require to dull our realities.
We know it,
we are guilty then do it some more because of the guilt,
accepting the fall and plunging in it's depths.
Never did we think we might reach out to one another for help,
so embarrassed are we.
Humans are too used to drowning in shame, flagellating themselves then turning to do the same of their fellows.
Oh the vices we turn to to dull our realities
Lash after Lash
Impurity cannot be removed in this way
Bitter tears do not absolve
Only the relinquishment of fear
Only the seeking out of a fellow hand
Only a path lit with the sparest light
Only a humble love
Only a stretched eye with the capacity to see worth is acceptable to redemption.

Melanie Davis 2/5/2017
"Catching the Light" by Truls Espedal

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


It's OK,
I understand,
I overstepped in speaking too much truth to power.
I get it.
Carry on like it didn't happen.
Go back to sleep.
It will all be alright now that people can think they have some semblance of control again.
It's ok, forget, only get mad at the ones you are being pointed at, being told who the enemy really is.
The lullabies they sound like respite.
It's ok.
I understand,
though I cannot follow where you go, because I cannot be asleep again.
Melanie Davis 1/25/2017

Monday, January 16, 2017

Somethin's to do...
somethin's to do...
some sinnin' some grinnin'
some frownin' some cryin'
some ridin' some walkin'
some lovin' some dyin'
some jokin' some pokin'
some gamin' some playin'
some wakin' some sleepin' ...........
some singin' some bayin'
some dancin' some kneelin'
some hatin' and warrin'
some hurtin' then some healin'
and kissin'
All in all a flash
Fittin' on the head of a pin
Our energies
in this universe
they are a somethin'

-Melanie Davis 01/16/2015
Reaching up to just get a little bit of you
Like fingers in the Slipstream
Marring the image because it's true
I want to know what it is about this crazy dream
That makes my mind always turn in circles
Crazy loop-di-loops
Staying focused are my everyday miracles
Distractedly using forks for ice cream scoops

Call it what you will
But just like in my mind
I can't get my breath to still
No matter how much I beg in kind
It sticks like this to my soul
Your time ticking bomb
Buried deep in a whole
Bursting into pieces creating a balm
The biggest fragments a mile wide
I smile at what is to come
Ripping apart at the incoming tide
For me it is freeing, but a tragedy to some

I wait for the updraft
To push me ever onward
Through tears I laughed
My mind bringing forward
The memories of all the things
That kept me in this plane
With scissors it cuts the strings
That brought me shame, tears and pain
I taste sweet release
In the shedding of the wreckage
A freedom to never cease
This wrecking of bondage

Maybe the new and distant limb
Will not allow for burdens like before
Because this soul has had to trim
To stand upon a distant shore
Without leaving a trace
With finger tips spread
Walking on from the last place
I knew not to where I tread

© Melanie Davis

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Noble defined

Definition 2, adjective
To be of fine quality
High moral principles
And ideals
Ethical, honorable, good, virtuous
A philosopher's dream
Or nightmare
A pinnacle of humanity
The good parts at least
The least ambitious enough
to climb over others
To eat them
To render them
And the least likely to walk
upon their backs
The one upon who we wait for to pull in
In the nick of time
To speak up and never hold their peace
To do what many men fear to do
To be the one with the answers to our broken questions
The Noble
Though they are not kings, queens of royalty's heinous lineage
They are the they we wait upon
Those are the nobles
That are not Noble Definition number 2 adjective
They are the noble Definition 1, adjective
They are the noble Definition 1, noun
And they created the deeper divides in our humanity for the worst of it to exist
Do not bow a head nor an eye
to those Noble
The Noble Definition 2, adjective however is the quality that would never ask you to lower yourself
Nor another
Noble is a descriptive of a thankful
and humble attitude
for the goodness of humanity.

Melanie Davis - 1/5/2016