Shaving like I mean it.

Shaving like I mean it.
Shaving with Meaning

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Labor of Contribution

Labor of Contribution

The labor of contribution is no small thing
It's not merely Inspiration
It's not just a spoken word
It's not just a thought enhanced
But the conscious act of accord

It is the bread and the butter
It is the white on the rice
It is the illumination of light
The something that is the some added to thing
The something that is some added to thing

The push and the pull of energy
The string of thoughts from my mind
The making of something from nothing
The inspiration made real enough to find
A nod from the world
A pure push from the right direction
It is more than the intention

My hands may do the work
And my mind may drive my hands
But my purpose isn't weak
It's more than Monday through Friday
And the 40 hour week
I don't strive just because of someday
Because retirement may never come
Because retirement may never come
If my heart gives out today
My soul will understand
Because each day that I lived
I stood upon this land
My labor not given lightly
And though it's toll it did take
For my my labor of contribution
Wasn't for my own sake.
Melanie Davis 9/11/12

In the Midst of Memory

Today is 9/11/12 Today U.S. citizens are lost in the midst of remembrance. It is interesting to see the popular news stations that still play the footage of the tragedy and how many people flock to see it. I am not sure that this is healthy, but maybe it is necessary for some who may still have some kind of residual feelings of guilt, fear and hatred. There is one thing to grieve and another to wallow. Grief is a natural response to loss. It has it's stages and everyone goes through them at different points in their life, sorrow has it's place. Grief is for those who felt the true loss of something or someone. Wallowing is akin to taking the pictures and video of the tragedy and almost reveling that it is time to think on it again, to prove something, to say see what was done? See that is what I feel re-playing the awful videos of the Twin Towers is doing. This is almost a re-traumatizing act. Remembrance is important, paying respect to families who lost their loved ones this is important. We need to remember what we are remembering for. The cause of 9/11 was heinous and wrong, we need to learn from this. But we just need to remember the people who lost their lives, be respectful to their families and help them heal. Peace today to all my brothers and sisters, if you are wondering who that is it's you. Melanie