Shaving like I mean it.

Shaving like I mean it.
Shaving with Meaning

Friday, December 9, 2016

Breaking the Long Night

The light that breaks the long night is almost here
I await its hearty return,
mere seconds at first
but each day burns longer
little bit by little bit
My mind allowing more light inside
It is a breaking that is welcome
Like waiting for the arrival for a long absent friend
The shivery nights of the burgeoning solstice
I have this feeling I am not alone
In good company I am kept
By the good people who look to the stars
That gleaming shine in the long night
A great timing of the heavens
One that tunes us in to nature's way
I can stand watch for my part
With candle lit
Ready to welcome the next quickest golden ray
I am ready to herald the end of the long night
- Melanie Davis December 9th, 2014

In the Cold

In the Cold
There is no love
Nor compassion
In the Cold
There is no shelter from the storm
Nor from the storm of unkind words
In the Cold
There is only sorrow, pain and loneliness
And bitter darkness
In the Cold
Humanity has no dwelling
Nor even an inch for it to reside
Yet in the Warmth
We become "we"
And there is a place for "us"
In the Warmth
Our light glows for all to see
Where all are welcome
In the Warmth
There still might be aches yet someone is there
Willing to provide Care, Healing and Relief
In the Warmth
Our humanity is restored
By the hearts who recognize it
In the Warmth our source is infinite
- Melanie Davis 12/09/16

Monday, November 21, 2016

Sister Song

I am one of half of the people walking this road
I am all of the person I am
I am not to be feared
Or forgotten
Just loved and honored
Just as I am expected to honor you
The other half of the people walking this road
And I do not fear you
So why not walk together in honor
and love
and help me and my sister
as we have helped you always our brothers

©Melanie Davis 11/21/13

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Shame on the US Citizens for Clinton and Trump!

My youngest son now knows that the world is about to change for his future and for his brothers and it might be war that he loses them to. Nothing sadder than this revelation. I fucking hate these two son of a bitches for being the choices that the majority of the stubborn, the entrenched and the cowed people decided to make our future. I hold all of you responsible for any future U.S. citizens and their kids' deaths. You have damned us all for your votes.

Forgive me if I never want to speak to so many of you ever again and kindly don't seek me out for condolences when it is your family that pays the price for your idiocy. Because it takes an idiot to want either of these candidates that want us on our knees as a nation. You had a chance to change things for our national community, your prejudices and woeful lack of personal accountability has hurt us all. Corruption is widespread and legal and even I am probably a part of that creation for not paying close enough attention but AT LEAST I can admit it, will you?! I rarely have ever felt such dread, hope is not in me for anything ahead of us now. Which is faster a bullet or a bomb? That is what we are faced with. My ballot is full of bullshit less than exemplary candidates of questionable means and even further questionable ambition and values accompanied by desperate half stop measures by the people to do what they can to save themselves in some way.

I am not just waxing pissed off here, I am righteously angry. Go ahead.. vote for Clinton and her lackeys in each state or hey Trump and his shitty entourage too but when the shit hits the fan I am no longer your ally in that fight. I voted for Bush, I regretted it, I did my part to apologize when and where I could, I am not proud of it, I was dumb and I knew it. But at least I dealt with some it be acknowledging my vote impacted something and it wasn't good. It is why I was more careful the next time.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

I ran as fast as my legs would go
The sting and heat of them
from running for too long
I could hear and feel you
Still running behind me
The only things I could feel
besides pain
Was thunder
The wind
And the spear in my hand
I knew it was only a moment I had left
For my life to be lived
I turned and faced you, my brother
As you ran towards me
Your hooves barely striking the ground
But when they did it was clear who ruled the earth
I steadied myself spear ready
And you, my brother ran yourself into it
Straight through your eye
And I saw no more

Melanie Davis 06/09/14

(Less of a poem but more the dream that came to me like a haunted memory one night. It felt so real and sometimes it comes back in my mind.)

Thursday, June 2, 2016

We - my brothers and sisters,
face OUR world each day
that has potential
with anyone
to do the right thing,
the best thing,
the noblest thing,
the kindest thing,
the loving thing,
the safest thing,
the free thing,
the humane thing,
the honorable thing.
We see
And we hear
Of the atrocious
The deplorable
The worst
The saddest
The hateful
The wasteful
The wrongful
The heartrending
The unhealthy
The despicable
And we, my brothers and sisters
We wait
Holding our breath
Because we think we are incapable of goodness
On a grand scale
We think the ship that carries
the heroes and heroines
That has the money and the real estate,
that has the time and can fight crime
unmasked and unasked
Has come in or is possibly coming to shore
But the truth is it will not
It can not
It shall not
And never can.
Why? Why you ask?
Because we are all in the same boat.
We all breathe the same air
Under the same heavens
And yet...
And yet...There is still no excuse to excuse us from meeting the sunrise
With hope in our hearts to spread it anew.
So hey WE! Yeah, you and me, we have to be the people together.

Love to Us,

From Us.

-Melanie Davis June 2, 2014

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Built in solid confidence
As a rampart
Made from everlasting spirit
And a strong heart
With a sway into precious bower
Laughter spills golden
A deeper rhythm transcends
Calling to those lovingly beholden
A party in play or play in party
Is the friendly court
Led by none in charge but who happily meet
An affable and merry sort
Growing swells of tenderness
To the music are spins in the dance
Gentle steps and faster jumps
For many a delightful chance
Carried on the silky breeze
The people in their song
A garden of heavenly gathering
Their presence as the day is long
Is they who walk in and out
In each and every season
Gratefulness is expressed
As there is no other reason
My friends! My friends!
Stay as and when you will
             for all are welcome here.

Melanie Davis May 19th, 2016

Put Out Your Best

Feed the poor
Open the door
It is a knocking I hear
Turn the handle my dear
The share you share is a gift
Break bread and give it a lift
Realize that fear in you
Is what's tearing you in two
Open the door
For the one knocking is your sister and broth'or
Give it gladly a mighty tug
Lay out the red rug
Prepare a feast
With what all you have and not the least
Because the reward is all being fed
And a good night's rest in bed

Melanie Davis 3/10/2014

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


People tellin' me on the big screen
It's over
People tellin' me on little screen
It's over
All I have to say is

The Man in the Red Hat
Tellin' me it's over
The Woman in the Pantsuit
Tellin' me it's hopeless
To not fight
To not march
To not chain myself
to my brother and sister
Because they are worth fighting FOR
This is not an Aristocracy
This was a Democracy
This is now an Oligarchy
But we will fight it
Til we get our COUNTRY

We can philosophize
We can satiricize
We can paralyze
We can fantasize
But it won't be NOTHING
Until we realize
Until we socialize
Until we can vocalize
And we open our eyes
Then it will be SOMETHING

We might have to march
We might have to show up
We might have to hurt
We might have to cry
We might have to laugh
We might have to say goodbye
But I read it was once said
"A Ship is safe in Harbor
But that is not what it was built for."
What were we built for?
My answer? This ship was built to Bern!

Til then when they tell you it's over
Do you sing?
Or do you tell them

- Melanie Davis

#StepUpOrSitDown #WisdomBeforeGreed #NeedsBeforeWants #wisdomNOTwarhawk #NOMoreOligarchy #EnoughisEnough #WeDoThisForUs #WeAreBernie #wehavew

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Can't say I blame you
when this world get's so tough
So much to get through
at times it's enough.
No matter which way I slice it
The knife won't make it fair
I try to still it but it won't quit
Even with my last gulp of air
Nobody seems to get a piece
Of peace

There's too much going on
This life we make
So much of, then it's gone
This life is life's take
Circular, cyclical, ringing
Laughing, cringing, crying, singing
Dancing, walking, dying, standing and kneeling

For once warm your wings
in the sun, unthaw your step
so you may soar as queens or kings
Wide awake from the slumber you slept
Collecting dust no more
On fire now in your core

Take your expectations off
the pedestal
Loose them to the wind oft
For life will use mortor and pestle
To send your control aloft
As we do not allow, but instead interfere with what comes
Too afraid to tread
Wipe away these crumbs
Allow glory to raise it's head
Creation's wheel includes us
We were meant to be here
This much should be clear
Made by nature to be
Not a Footnote but an Epiphany!

Melanie Davis 1/6/2013

Monday, January 4, 2016

Anxiety Attack

A lump in my throat protests
The panic sets alight a fire blooming
A measure of air gulping into my lungs
A scrambling pressure
Pulling me under
A current of primal terror

Melanie Davis January 4, 2015

Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Song in my head

"I haven't left
I haven't right
I have centered
And seen the light
My hands tremble
My feet are tired and often stumble
My back it aches and longs for slumber
Eyes droop and lips mumble
The lull of momentary tranquility
Pours into weary bones
Wrenching fluid marrow
Joints singing like rattling stones
Such catastrophic complaints
Render my efforts plain
I have only regrets and heartaches
That come from worldly pain"

He sang it with hopeful thought
of those who might hear him
 the man on the street corner
His hands crooked and bent around a cup
With eyes that meet mine
For the 100th time
His song in my head as I pass him by
Knowing today, tonight nor tomorrow 
that I will not be the last to hear his cry
Until he is like a unseen mystery gone

 - Melanie Davis January 2nd, 2015