Shaving like I mean it.

Shaving like I mean it.
Shaving with Meaning

Friday, December 9, 2016

Breaking the Long Night

The light that breaks the long night is almost here
I await its hearty return,
mere seconds at first
but each day burns longer
little bit by little bit
My mind allowing more light inside
It is a breaking that is welcome
Like waiting for the arrival for a long absent friend
The shivery nights of the burgeoning solstice
I have this feeling I am not alone
In good company I am kept
By the good people who look to the stars
That gleaming shine in the long night
A great timing of the heavens
One that tunes us in to nature's way
I can stand watch for my part
With candle lit
Ready to welcome the next quickest golden ray
I am ready to herald the end of the long night
- Melanie Davis December 9th, 2014

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