Shaving like I mean it.

Shaving like I mean it.
Shaving with Meaning

Friday, December 9, 2016

Breaking the Long Night

The light that breaks the long night is almost here
I await its hearty return,
mere seconds at first
but each day burns longer
little bit by little bit
My mind allowing more light inside
It is a breaking that is welcome
Like waiting for the arrival for a long absent friend
The shivery nights of the burgeoning solstice
I have this feeling I am not alone
In good company I am kept
By the good people who look to the stars
That gleaming shine in the long night
A great timing of the heavens
One that tunes us in to nature's way
I can stand watch for my part
With candle lit
Ready to welcome the next quickest golden ray
I am ready to herald the end of the long night
- Melanie Davis December 9th, 2014

In the Cold

In the Cold
There is no love
Nor compassion
In the Cold
There is no shelter from the storm
Nor from the storm of unkind words
In the Cold
There is only sorrow, pain and loneliness
And bitter darkness
In the Cold
Humanity has no dwelling
Nor even an inch for it to reside
Yet in the Warmth
We become "we"
And there is a place for "us"
In the Warmth
Our light glows for all to see
Where all are welcome
In the Warmth
There still might be aches yet someone is there
Willing to provide Care, Healing and Relief
In the Warmth
Our humanity is restored
By the hearts who recognize it
In the Warmth our source is infinite
- Melanie Davis 12/09/16