Shaving like I mean it.

Shaving like I mean it.
Shaving with Meaning

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Labor of Contribution

Labor of Contribution

The labor of contribution is no small thing
It's not merely Inspiration
It's not just a spoken word
It's not just a thought enhanced
But the conscious act of accord

It is the bread and the butter
It is the white on the rice
It is the illumination of light
The something that is the some added to thing
The something that is some added to thing

The push and the pull of energy
The string of thoughts from my mind
The making of something from nothing
The inspiration made real enough to find
A nod from the world
A pure push from the right direction
It is more than the intention

My hands may do the work
And my mind may drive my hands
But my purpose isn't weak
It's more than Monday through Friday
And the 40 hour week
I don't strive just because of someday
Because retirement may never come
Because retirement may never come
If my heart gives out today
My soul will understand
Because each day that I lived
I stood upon this land
My labor not given lightly
And though it's toll it did take
For my my labor of contribution
Wasn't for my own sake.
Melanie Davis 9/11/12

In the Midst of Memory

Today is 9/11/12 Today U.S. citizens are lost in the midst of remembrance. It is interesting to see the popular news stations that still play the footage of the tragedy and how many people flock to see it. I am not sure that this is healthy, but maybe it is necessary for some who may still have some kind of residual feelings of guilt, fear and hatred. There is one thing to grieve and another to wallow. Grief is a natural response to loss. It has it's stages and everyone goes through them at different points in their life, sorrow has it's place. Grief is for those who felt the true loss of something or someone. Wallowing is akin to taking the pictures and video of the tragedy and almost reveling that it is time to think on it again, to prove something, to say see what was done? See that is what I feel re-playing the awful videos of the Twin Towers is doing. This is almost a re-traumatizing act. Remembrance is important, paying respect to families who lost their loved ones this is important. We need to remember what we are remembering for. The cause of 9/11 was heinous and wrong, we need to learn from this. But we just need to remember the people who lost their lives, be respectful to their families and help them heal. Peace today to all my brothers and sisters, if you are wondering who that is it's you. Melanie

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In the Next

Here in the Next
I feel the uncompromising

Here in the Now
I see the action
While I stand in it

Back in Way Back When
My Spirit remembers
My remaining impressions

When my feet bring me
I sense the tug of apprehension

So I pull out my knife for the tether
Divesting myself
of what would keep me still

With all of the Strength
With all of the Truth
With all of myself
I am in the Next

Melanie Davis

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

When I Wake

In the light of day
My dreams fade away
As I'm left with the distinct impression
I missed something in that session
Of a subconscious event
That I could not prevent
Will I remember in time,
Or will I commit the dreamer's crime?
Left with the mind residue
Like gum on the bottom of my shoe
The next step is next
And Fate will not leave me vexed
For surely I remember now I have written this before
It is what comes next I remember no more

Melanie Davis

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

The New Face of Eugenics sold with a Smile

Forgive me for not trusting Government, Businesses and Organizations proposals on reproductive plans that target poor and vulnerable people. It borders on loophole eugenics, which by the way case in point, is a roundabout way to China's reproduction plan. Education to help ALL classes of people to help them if they want the help vs. telling them how and when to reproduce (which is none of their business.) Preventing infant mortality rate is a fine goal but it isn't the whole story. Planning your reproductive goal is your business and nobody else's. "Breeding programs" are dangerous to all of this planet's peoples. 5th Birthday is just that. I believe in philanthropic goals as well, but this is something else and if the red flags are not raised in your gut it should be. Your government doesn't have the right to tell you how to plan. It doesn't have the right to target classes of people. This is class warefare in the hugest sense.

Do you agree that poor people without college degrees should not have children? How about people with a GED? How about people who dropped out of school? People who make less than 25k$ a year? People who live in warring countries? People who are at risk to have a child with disabilities? How about people who are without a job currently? What about jobless millionaires? How about college grads? How about people over the age of 18? How about the tribe of indigenous people in South America in the Amazon?
Well guess are entitled to your opinion and you could spout statistics until the mountains crumble but YOU, our Government, Any Government, Businesses and Organizations don't have the right to dictate ANYTHING because it is a basic human right to procreate! In other words it is none of your BUSINESS!

Population control is a ridiculous notion, because for every second a child is born someone else dies. This is called the cycle of life. There people starving in this world...feed them open your door if you have food to give, there are people who suffer as a result of disease give them medicine (free of charge with no gain to be had), share your time to help a fellow human in need out, show love, mercy and kindness,(stop being bitter about their choices) how about stop holding housing/land by having so much of it that you don't open it up to house a family in need of it? We are all weary of the hardness of this world.
The poorest of poor need help...not told that they would do better if they planned better. Their own systems of government rely on these people to stay poor. The statistics and suggested plans of 5th Birthday should draw heavy skepticism and scrutiny and ultimately not be enacted as a government program. The more power given to the government the more abuses of power can happen. I can forsee forced abortions, sterilization, limiting of children based off of income/education level, etc. You should too. And don't be fooled by pictures of cute smarter than the marketer.

Livin' on the edge and staying sharp!
You should too!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Letter from an Idaho Senator

So....after reading the return letter, I realized that Cyber Security for our Nation is pointless. Case in point the TSA. 9/11 happened and the way we do air travel changes. We grumble for a little while but then we get used to it. Then it gets worse, more new rules, invasive and even embarassing...all for safety. From what? Criminals will always find loopholes around things...(see career politicians, bankers and their lawyers). The average person just wants to get from point A to point B not cause trouble and are for the most part probably rather benign.

Well it is the same on the internet, interwebs etc., most just want to get their homework done, pay their bills, flush some money into the economy, maybe play some Farmville, or *gasp* talk to their family via Skype. The cybersecurity act trying to get passed wants to let the U.S. Government lord over you, me and all it's citizens under a vague and loosely defined cybersecurity threat to sift through your email, facebook messages, google +, etc.. They don't have to tell us, but they can keep that info indefinitely.

We as U.S. Citizens are effectively letting our states legislate attempt to take our Constitutional rights away, and our Federal Government determine who & what are considered threats by digging through your private letters, emails etc. When I decided to write to my state's Senators about CISPA I knew it would probably be dismissed, but the letter is absolutely politely patronizing. I can't be angry at this intern who printed this out and put it in an envelope. But I am angry at myself, my fellow citizens and my forebearers for allowing our government so much audacity to try to tell it's citizens how much it tries to protect itself from threats so that it is justifiable to lose liberties for the people.

I look at what We The People have allowed to is not right. I am not a law student, but I do know the PreAmble of the Constitution, I do know what the Declaration of Independence says too, what I don't understand is how an entire nation can sleep knowing it is going back on it's word....but then if you know how our government treated the Natives of this would know that our U.S. Government is hardly a kindly benefactor.

Looks like I will need to keep my blades sharp and keen. I have articles to site for this blog..will add them tomorrow.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Anti-Gay Sermons are Shocking How?

Have you ever wondered why it is that whenever a leader of some church in the U.S. has a viral video or something come out (pun intended) that shows them sermonizing against gay/lesbian/marriage rights that people get so angry as to leave over 900 comments? Like here today for example;
This is something I see and think "How is this a headline? So someone out there is saying something almost completely expected."
Why people do you not know that for every popular point of view there is completely opposite view? Like a law of physics for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Sound familiar? What disturbs me most is the following example; Susie says she hates dogs, all dogs and feels they should all be rounded up and shipped off her island or eliminated, so when Sandy hears this is enraged and says that Susie should be eliminated or shipped off the island. But you see Sandy already knew that Susie and her followers have been campaigning for the removal of dogs for years and has always felt that way. So Sandy's answer is to eliminate Susie & her is doing exactly as Susie said she wanted to deal with her issue. Sandy needs to come back with a better reaction. One that isn't ruled by emotional reaction because that is often exactly what Susie wanted...more fuel to her cause showing how Sandy would want to do the same thing to her so the higher ethical ground is never reached.
Why people expect someone to go against their long held belief id no different than you going against yours. Sure we would hope that people are thinking more about these issues and how we can learn change is possible, however you cannot make someone could only force, intimidate but nobody truly changes their true belief under duress. There are ways to help facilitate change that are not through rash bouts of angry threats and insults. No I am not talking about legislation to stop people from speaking against your beliefs, that only serves to muzzle the rights to freedom of speech & religion. Once again under duress. This also would allow more control of the government over it's citizens. The government will become a tyrant vs. a facilitator of our liberties. No there needs to be another way, one that uses common sense, not belittling or else it is fire against fire. Do not be shocked is the first step, if you know your opposition's viewpoint how can you ever be shocked?
The next step is to minimalize your you share the headline to anger more likeminded people? If you fan the fire are you not helping your opposition's message? Ron Paul complains he never get's enough media time...whether it's true or not the idea is smart if your news agencies are opposing views to Ron Paul they will try to minimize his impact no?
Next is deciding to go a different way. There is going to be an organized march against this church leader, this is laughable am I right? While it might be just getting your voice heard it certainly isn't going to change that leader's viewpoint really is it? It won't close down the church, it won't get the government involved because our constitutional rights. So what could the marchers do instead of carrying angry threats and signs and gays kissing on the streets (because that will help your cause right? Nope it doesn't FYI)? If the opposer says I do this out of love...maybe you should too? Maybe for the love of your cause you show your ability to let this video fade into the obscurity it will get to go into by only reaching those who agree but who are powerless to make any of what that person's opinion come true. Maybe instead of angry words in comments...maybe a word of wow this leader needs love today, because this anger and hate comes from hurt. Hurt people hurt more people, healed people heal others. I can't stand a radio show host personally, but see I don't click on links about him, listen to his show etc., and I am guessing he doesn't want me listening to his show unless it is to make him a bigger deal or if I agree with him. Nothing I do or say will make that talk show go away unless I allowed my liberties to become further compromised. This is the better part of valor, this the path to personal peace. I would rather fight for everyone's right to freedom of religion than to have it disappear. Think about your causes, think about what protections you would lose if you forced your oppositions protections away too.

These are the Daily Shavings from the Hairy Mad Mad World we live in. I don't mind shaving what I can from the lessons of this life and today is another day worth shaving for, just bring a sharp razor.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Using a Sharp Edge or a Dull one?

I am pretty sure you have probably seen enough Bic, Gillette & Daisy ads to know shaving with a sharp edge is useful. It's funny how similar we need to be when disseminating all the info out there in the world that comes flashing at us from all directions. If I'm not careful at the end of the day the I see all the places I missed on my daily shave. Sometimes I can chalk it up to a quick shave, or even if I had to go by feel because the contacts weren't in before, but sometimes it has to do with the razor's edge. Information I get from email, Facebook, Twitter & all the various other daily news places I frequent is alot, sometimes more than I need. There are so many resources for information but only one way to distinguish what is important or not....your edge, my edge or our edge. I use my edge constantly and sometimes with no thought to what it might mean to cut through some of the overgrowth and through the mire of information. So I will shave away..with a sharp edge.
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