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Shaving like I mean it.
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Letter from an Idaho Senator

So....after reading the return letter, I realized that Cyber Security for our Nation is pointless. Case in point the TSA. 9/11 happened and the way we do air travel changes. We grumble for a little while but then we get used to it. Then it gets worse, more new rules, invasive and even embarassing...all for safety. From what? Criminals will always find loopholes around things...(see career politicians, bankers and their lawyers). The average person just wants to get from point A to point B not cause trouble and are for the most part probably rather benign.

Well it is the same on the internet, interwebs etc., most just want to get their homework done, pay their bills, flush some money into the economy, maybe play some Farmville, or *gasp* talk to their family via Skype. The cybersecurity act trying to get passed wants to let the U.S. Government lord over you, me and all it's citizens under a vague and loosely defined cybersecurity threat to sift through your email, facebook messages, google +, etc.. They don't have to tell us, but they can keep that info indefinitely.

We as U.S. Citizens are effectively letting our states legislate attempt to take our Constitutional rights away, and our Federal Government determine who & what are considered threats by digging through your private letters, emails etc. When I decided to write to my state's Senators about CISPA I knew it would probably be dismissed, but the letter is absolutely politely patronizing. I can't be angry at this intern who printed this out and put it in an envelope. But I am angry at myself, my fellow citizens and my forebearers for allowing our government so much audacity to try to tell it's citizens how much it tries to protect itself from threats so that it is justifiable to lose liberties for the people.

I look at what We The People have allowed to is not right. I am not a law student, but I do know the PreAmble of the Constitution, I do know what the Declaration of Independence says too, what I don't understand is how an entire nation can sleep knowing it is going back on it's word....but then if you know how our government treated the Natives of this would know that our U.S. Government is hardly a kindly benefactor.

Looks like I will need to keep my blades sharp and keen. I have articles to site for this blog..will add them tomorrow.

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  1. The coolest part about this is that CISPA was stalled into oblivion. When you try to pass an act that allows the government to spy outright on all its citizens, in response to some vague and intangible threat, we need to step up and say "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!"

    Anti-piracy my ass, it's Anti-privacy! It's like the Patriot act. We wage a war on terror, then give the govt. carte blanche to spy, detain, and interrogate anyone they need to until this war is won. Then we realize that terror is an emotion, that it will always exist. This is a war that can't be won, with an enemy that can't be fought, and this spying "period" will never end.

    But they missed a crucial opportunity with the Patriot Act, which was the internet. How can we spy on everyone everywhere when the wire-tap is an outmoded surveillance device? Get them to fear... piracy... Yeah, apparently we didn't do a good enough job of linking the horrible crime of torrenting to brown people in turbans.

    Anyway, it would appear that people finally had something happen that they fear enough to handle things better. Yay for learning from our mistakes!