Shaving like I mean it.

Shaving like I mean it.
Shaving with Meaning

Monday, July 29, 2013

Spreading Awesomeness!

I don't think this community,  our global one,  takes the time to try and reach or share our awesomeness. We are creative beings.  We have opportunity to do something each day towards that.  What if you could do something with extra support?  What IF?

I HAVE MY IDEA! What about yours?  Let's try to use that thing inside of us.

Awesome Foundation

"For the Arts and Sciences and the advancement of Awesomeness in the universe."

 They are helping us.  Step forward!
This photo is one of NASA's pictures called Crash.  A picture taken from the Hubble Spacecraft.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


By breaching this time of impotency
We are capable of reaching for progress
Do not turn our phrase to suit your need
It is not from your pen that it bleeds
Get your salacious greedy gaze off our land and lives
Away from what is rightfully for all and not for your numbers to grow heavenward
This heavy imperious hand that is waved with your pennant of diversion
It poisons our minds and muddies what should be clear
We throw the yoke away, the ring removed, the mark of your control is obscured
No longer will your neo-slavery flourish
We who know the truth will keep reminding you of the futility of your ambition
As you can see WE ARE IDLE NO MORE

Melanie Davis

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Mother's Drum

When I close my eyes
Allowing my mind to drift away
Into the past through laughter and cries
Back to a time when I knew another way

My heart, brain and bones in quiet darkness grew
Hands, fingers, feet and toes
In warmth and without words I knew
Nothing but the growth of my ears, eyes and nose

With only the use of my ears
I was filled with the ever-present thrum
It's tempo soothing my inner-most fears
Is the deep rhythm of my strong mother's drum

©Melanie Davis May 2013

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Just remember Nature
does not remember you
On those clear sunny days
lying on the grass
be humble
The winds do not change as often as we do
The water doesn't hold your memory
Only it's own
Nature's cycle which includes it's upheaval and it's monotony

There is no benevolence in the falling of a snowflake
That has ever been seen
It is not a fair romance
On the silver screen
It is a one sided perspective
Of a person to expect mercy
In the wrath and glory of Nature
Revel in the bounty when there is a bounty to be had
But do not be unwise for the coming days where bounty does not abide

Remember Nature is the tool of success or demise
Raise your face to meet it
But humble yourself for the need of it also
The cycle on which we come and go
Come and go
Come and go
Is also the cycle that we grow and sow
The events that we tell our children
And our children tell their own
Is our memory
Of how Nature treats us
Even when Nature would not treat with us

Remember to cling to the rock
Under your feet
And dance the dance so sweetly
Hear this beat that lays in time the same as yours
Then laugh when it all comes to close
When Nature has passed over your head and has left you spared
in gratitude for the next day

Melanie Davis 5/2/13

Monday, April 15, 2013

In Time

The clock moves on
As often I lay here
and wonder
Just what you are
Thinking about
Dreaming about
Scheming about
And shouting about

I see you in time
In my mind's eye
Just as you are
Never too far
But not close enough
Much too much enough
Seeming enough
And forever being enough

I caught you in my head
Ticking like a timebomb
Following my synapses
Like a roadmap
Ready, set, go
And you never let me go
You never saw me go
You never heard me go

In these lines
In between
I am imagining
Just what has to be undone
When I saw it undone
With your guard left undone
As my mind went undone

In time we will revisit
All the troubles of the past
With minds open at last
To see how strongly the dye had cast

Now in time
Your eyes shine clear
With lovely splendor
Reflecting back the light
You have seen the light
Now standing in this light
I have found the light

Melanie Davis 04/15/2013

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dock the Tail!

In as much as the span of time
It takes to clearly state
That THIS thirst for war is the crime
They still fail to supportively debate
The attitude of bigotry and hate
With direct misuse of truth
A purpose to which I refuse to relate
And align my choice with this
I choose my own fate
I am not ran by the mob
Whose mentality says "DO!"
I stand on my own two feet
Use my own mind
At home or on the street
Prop O 'ganda is easy to find
Wag the Dog is a cheat
See the tail behind?
Don't let the smallest part
Be what lays the mandate
The tail is farthest from the heart
So ask before it's too late
Don't simply let it just stand
Or expect the truth to perform for those who wish with heads in sand
Real Truth is to be seen and heard
Not just the crap on the land
What gets laid from under the tail is simply a TURD.

Melanie Davis 04/13/2013
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Thursday, March 7, 2013


In this world there are things
That make me doubt
Fills me with uncertainties
Making me wonder what it's all about

The dubious and questionable truth
The snippets of err
Leaving it's words uncouth
Falling from lips unfair

With the right turn of phrase
Or level steady look
I am asked to hear the case
And to listen to the rook

As a commoner I am
A simple pawn in the game
The purveyour of flim and flam
I see the bishop the same

This awful and heady knowing
A peek into the mind
Politic and strategy flowing
I can not be of this kind

A choice I have to be keeping
To allow my knight in bright armor
In continuance take the beating
With my heart for his favor

Or do I dare to take up arms
To beat the drum of war
Face the monarchy charms
Then go out to even the score?

The Rule of the World is not a Game
Each player has a face
Each player a special name
Each seeks Truth's embrace

The Price of Power
In it's State of Play
Just leaves us dead by the hour
As bitter bones under the clay

Each move you make
To make me fold
Hoping to take
And leave me cold
Is a testament
That the lies of Power
Fit you as raiment
As you stand high in Ivory Tower

But you will someday see
Perhaps even rue
The day my kind rises to be
Stronger than even you
To leave you to your ill fate
In turn in lieu
You shall face Check Mate

3/7/13 © Melanie Davis

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