Shaving like I mean it.

Shaving like I mean it.
Shaving with Meaning

Thursday, March 7, 2013


In this world there are things
That make me doubt
Fills me with uncertainties
Making me wonder what it's all about

The dubious and questionable truth
The snippets of err
Leaving it's words uncouth
Falling from lips unfair

With the right turn of phrase
Or level steady look
I am asked to hear the case
And to listen to the rook

As a commoner I am
A simple pawn in the game
The purveyour of flim and flam
I see the bishop the same

This awful and heady knowing
A peek into the mind
Politic and strategy flowing
I can not be of this kind

A choice I have to be keeping
To allow my knight in bright armor
In continuance take the beating
With my heart for his favor

Or do I dare to take up arms
To beat the drum of war
Face the monarchy charms
Then go out to even the score?

The Rule of the World is not a Game
Each player has a face
Each player a special name
Each seeks Truth's embrace

The Price of Power
In it's State of Play
Just leaves us dead by the hour
As bitter bones under the clay

Each move you make
To make me fold
Hoping to take
And leave me cold
Is a testament
That the lies of Power
Fit you as raiment
As you stand high in Ivory Tower

But you will someday see
Perhaps even rue
The day my kind rises to be
Stronger than even you
To leave you to your ill fate
In turn in lieu
You shall face Check Mate

3/7/13 © Melanie Davis

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