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Shaving like I mean it.
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Saturday, May 26, 2012

The New Face of Eugenics sold with a Smile

Forgive me for not trusting Government, Businesses and Organizations proposals on reproductive plans that target poor and vulnerable people. It borders on loophole eugenics, which by the way case in point, is a roundabout way to China's reproduction plan. Education to help ALL classes of people to help them if they want the help vs. telling them how and when to reproduce (which is none of their business.) Preventing infant mortality rate is a fine goal but it isn't the whole story. Planning your reproductive goal is your business and nobody else's. "Breeding programs" are dangerous to all of this planet's peoples. 5th Birthday is just that. I believe in philanthropic goals as well, but this is something else and if the red flags are not raised in your gut it should be. Your government doesn't have the right to tell you how to plan. It doesn't have the right to target classes of people. This is class warefare in the hugest sense.

Do you agree that poor people without college degrees should not have children? How about people with a GED? How about people who dropped out of school? People who make less than 25k$ a year? People who live in warring countries? People who are at risk to have a child with disabilities? How about people who are without a job currently? What about jobless millionaires? How about college grads? How about people over the age of 18? How about the tribe of indigenous people in South America in the Amazon?
Well guess are entitled to your opinion and you could spout statistics until the mountains crumble but YOU, our Government, Any Government, Businesses and Organizations don't have the right to dictate ANYTHING because it is a basic human right to procreate! In other words it is none of your BUSINESS!

Population control is a ridiculous notion, because for every second a child is born someone else dies. This is called the cycle of life. There people starving in this world...feed them open your door if you have food to give, there are people who suffer as a result of disease give them medicine (free of charge with no gain to be had), share your time to help a fellow human in need out, show love, mercy and kindness,(stop being bitter about their choices) how about stop holding housing/land by having so much of it that you don't open it up to house a family in need of it? We are all weary of the hardness of this world.
The poorest of poor need help...not told that they would do better if they planned better. Their own systems of government rely on these people to stay poor. The statistics and suggested plans of 5th Birthday should draw heavy skepticism and scrutiny and ultimately not be enacted as a government program. The more power given to the government the more abuses of power can happen. I can forsee forced abortions, sterilization, limiting of children based off of income/education level, etc. You should too. And don't be fooled by pictures of cute smarter than the marketer.

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