Shaving like I mean it.

Shaving like I mean it.
Shaving with Meaning

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Shame on the US Citizens for Clinton and Trump!

My youngest son now knows that the world is about to change for his future and for his brothers and it might be war that he loses them to. Nothing sadder than this revelation. I fucking hate these two son of a bitches for being the choices that the majority of the stubborn, the entrenched and the cowed people decided to make our future. I hold all of you responsible for any future U.S. citizens and their kids' deaths. You have damned us all for your votes.

Forgive me if I never want to speak to so many of you ever again and kindly don't seek me out for condolences when it is your family that pays the price for your idiocy. Because it takes an idiot to want either of these candidates that want us on our knees as a nation. You had a chance to change things for our national community, your prejudices and woeful lack of personal accountability has hurt us all. Corruption is widespread and legal and even I am probably a part of that creation for not paying close enough attention but AT LEAST I can admit it, will you?! I rarely have ever felt such dread, hope is not in me for anything ahead of us now. Which is faster a bullet or a bomb? That is what we are faced with. My ballot is full of bullshit less than exemplary candidates of questionable means and even further questionable ambition and values accompanied by desperate half stop measures by the people to do what they can to save themselves in some way.

I am not just waxing pissed off here, I am righteously angry. Go ahead.. vote for Clinton and her lackeys in each state or hey Trump and his shitty entourage too but when the shit hits the fan I am no longer your ally in that fight. I voted for Bush, I regretted it, I did my part to apologize when and where I could, I am not proud of it, I was dumb and I knew it. But at least I dealt with some it be acknowledging my vote impacted something and it wasn't good. It is why I was more careful the next time.

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