Shaving like I mean it.

Shaving like I mean it.
Shaving with Meaning

Thursday, September 17, 2015

There are people so heartless out there that to think of their fellow beings would take them having to have someone implant a heart in them in order for them to change. What is it that makes someone give their heart to something that does no good? What makes a person apathetic? What causes such malady? How their eyes must be plucked out to not see the plight of others around them? What bubbles of contentment must you pretend to be in to not feel for another? Like nerve endings loose and open I feel for the beings that suffer from the treatment of others, it has me raw, saddened, angry and my most basic instincts come out to either run or fight to scratch, bite or kick or catch the wind and fly. That is what those suffering feel every day, because when you are oppressed you are in fear to the most primal fear of your life. So many wonder why people self medicate with drugs, alcohol and other things and it is because their feet are bound, they cannot fly, they have nothing to bite, kick or scratch at.

The ache of my heart, mind and soul cannot be mine alone to feel it. Surely not am I alone? I could say well I must protect what is mine but there are times my friends when I stand outside pressed into the ground with my feet feeling grass that I could lift up to see with the eyesight of brother hawks the very tendril of apathy and evil greed and I would like to snap it up in a claw to rip it into the million shreds and all those shreds flown to the very sun to incinerate it. My goodness there is no thing in this world so terribly awful as not wanting to help another. The very idea makes me ill. I know no other way. The only beings on this planet that have an excuse to be blind and deaf are the ones born that way. Common sense tells me there are many people who feel but have no idea there are others who seek to help too. To be clear I know they are there because I feel them (you) too.

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